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One month. One goal. This may be the beginning of your healthy eating adventures, a time to tweak something that isn’t working, or an opportunity to re-focus your efforts after getting off track for a while. Wherever you’re at, you’ll feel more energized, jump-start your metabolism, discover what foods work best for your body, and practice a new, healthier approach to eating that fits with your schedule and lifestyle.

Refresh may be a fit for you if:

  • You’ve been on an unhealthy streak and need a fresh start
  • You want to focus on developing several key healthy habits and lose weight in the process
  • You’re committing to a gluten-free diet and the thought of navigating through the dos and donts, new foods, social situations, and cost of it all is daunting
  • You feel like you’re doing everything right, but you’re not seeing or feeling the results you want

I’ve experienced every one of these scenarios at one point or another and wasted time flailing around, being frustrated or just stuck in the same ol’ routine that wasn’t helping me feel any better.

More cardio! Loads of lentils! Another expensive juice cleanse! Should I be eating grains? What’s the deal with soy milk? On and on it went.

I eventually discovered what works for me (goodbye elliptical machine and lentil salads!), but I would have felt better a lot faster if I’d had someone to help guide me, share their tools and tips, and hold me accountable. It’s all good though because now, I get to be that someone for you!

During your one-month Refresh, I’ll support you step-by-step through simple and refreshingly realistic food and lifestyle changes that are tailored to your needs and day-to-day life. You have my guidance, food and nutrition expertise, and enthusiasm for making this month fun and totally transforming.

So where does this get you? Depending on your specific goals, benefits can include:

  • Losing weight without calorie-counting, deprivation, or crappy diet food
  • Confidence in knowing exactly what foods to choose at the grocery store, at work, at restaurants and while traveling, so you maintain success anywhere
  • Better digestion, which means feeling lighter, less moodiness, clearer skin, and having more energy (yep, that’s ALL tied to what’s going on in your gut!)
  • Getting over that “hump” – the unhealthy habit or mindset that’s always tripped you up
  • Knowing how to use food to protect your body and mind from premature aging and the effects of stress

Your Refresh program includes:

  • One 60-minute initial consultation via phone or Skype to talk through where you’re at, where you want to be, and what you can expect for the month
  • Three 30-minute sessions via phone or Skype to review progress, troubleshoot, make adjustments, and evaluate your food journal (if applicable)
  • 2 – 3 action steps after every session to help you apply our discussions to everyday life
  • Handy, helpful resources, tools, cooking and meal-prep tips, and/or recipes each session
  • A copy of A Good Food Day sent to your mailbox (I co-wrote the cookbook and can guide you directly to recipes that will work best for you!)
  • Email support and accountability check-ins between sessions

Investment: $400

Ready to get going with your Refresh? Click here to contact me about scheduling your start date or to ask me any questions.