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This 75-minute phone session is the best starting point for tackling what’s holding you back from consistently eating well and feeling good. It’s all about discovering the immediate next steps that will get you going on the right path. With my personalized, detailed recommendations around your food choices, eating habits, supplements, and lifestyle tweaks, you’ll have 100% clarity on what actions can make the biggest difference for you right now.

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One month. One goal. This may be the beginning of your healthy eating adventures, a time to tweak something that isn’t working, or an opportunity to re-focus your efforts after getting off track for a while. Wherever you’re at, you’ll feel more energized, jump-start your metabolism, discover what foods work best for your body, and practice a new, healthier approach to eating that fits with your schedule and lifestyle.

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Designed to provide ongoing support and accountability, Rebuild is about long-term, life-changing results. Unlike a cleanse or detox that puts you right back at square one when it’s over, this two- to three-month program provides you with the tools to help you feel your best for good. By discovering what and how to eat for your body, and having weekly guidance to help you turn these learnings into habits, you’ll experience a level of energy and vivaciousness that carries over into all areas of your life. Rebuild is the whole (healthy) enchilada!

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So, you’re committed to eating well. Awesome! But if you don’t have the right foods on hand to support your goals, you may unknowingly sabotage yourself. If you’ve recently gone gluten-free, been diagnosed with a food allergy or decided to surround yourself with healthier options, it’s time for a kitchen cleanse! Together, we sort through your pantry, fridge, and freezer. I’ll suggest simple upgrades and swaps that can make a huge positive difference. You’ll learn what essentials to keep stocked so making easy, healthy, and super delicious meals is a no-brainer. To speed up your grocery trips, you’ll get a customized shopping list that fits your tastes and cooking skills, as well as food storage and label-reading tips. Investment: $185 for 1.5 hours*. Please get in touch to schedule your Kitchen Cleanse.

*An individual shopping session at Whole Foods in Chicago can be added for an additional charge.


Whether you work at a business that wants to reduce insurance costs, you want to provide a truly valuable perk for your fitness studio’s members, or you want to host a fun get-together with friends, I can customize a workshop or program that takes into account the size, budget, and goals of your group. Workshop topics I offer include Healthy Food Myth-Busters, Eating for Energy & Focus, and The Highs and Lows of Sugar. If these aren’t a fit, I can create a new topic that’s best suited to your group. Please contact me to learn more or to schedule a call.