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What I Do

_J0B0706 copyI’m a certified health coach and co-author of Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook and A Good Food Day. Through personalized, one-on-one programs, I help you take the guesswork out of how and what to eat, so your food is working for you, not against you.


  • You’re ready to get back on track after an unhealthy streak
  • You struggle with digestive issues (bloating, weird gurgling, things are “slow moving”)
  • You’re “trying” and want to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy
  • You have something big on the horizon (wedding, reunion, milestone birthday), and you want to feel and look your best
  • You just want to nail down some healthy eating basics and lose weight in the process

Wherever you’re at, there is a distinct style of eating that works best for you.

I teach you how to choose the right foods for your body and guide you towards healthier eating and lifestyle habits that lead to smooth digestion, clearer skin, and feeling great in your body. Rather than just handing you a list of foods, I support you to put practical solutions into action in the context of your daily life and stick to it.

From your home kitchen to your office, while traveling or going out, I have you covered in a variety of scenarios. The tools I use don’t involve counting calories, points, fat grams, or a scale.

I focus on the nutrient value in the food you eat, the quality of the foods you choose, and how to make whole, real foods taste amazing.

Along with food and nutrition counseling, we dig in on habits and hang-ups that often trip you up. One step at a time, you’ll develop new patterns that will keep you feeling your best for the long term.

I practice a holistic approach…though no patchouli and sweat lodge sessions, I promise! This just means I take into account how all areas of your life affect your health as a whole. Does stress at work often drive you to the bottom of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or bottle of wine at night? Is your mind racing, preventing you from falling asleep, which makes you too tired to exercise? Your health is tied to so much more than the food on your plate.

My clients tend to be the busy, motivated sort. Working with me does require some time and dedication, but it’s not unrealistic. Flexibility is built into your program because we’re talking about real life here.

There’s never going to be the perfect time to get started. So, how about now?? I’m ready when you are.

If you’re interested in becoming a client, contact me to schedule a free, 15-minute Q&A session where we’ll talk about your goals and how I can help you get there.